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The habboway
My guest book.
Habbo hallway.submit here.
The end of my habbo fun.
The habboway
Habbo ALT codes
Room and habbo of the week.

You must not do this:


  • Ask for or give out passwords, email addresses, messenger contacts, personal photos or other details such as your location or phone number
  • Swear or use racist or offensive terms
  • Use any programs to hack, script or edit Habbo Hotel in any way
  • Trick other Habbos into giving you their passwords, Habbo Credits or furniture
  • Describe sexual acts to other Habbos
  • Pester people who don't want to talk to you
  • Give away, trade or sell your Habbo account
  • Trade furniture for credits: if you do this your account may be permanently banned if the trade is done using a fraudulent method.
  • Break the law or talk others into breaking it

If you see anyone breaking the rules, please Call for Help so that a Moderator can take action.

Cross the habboway and ur banned.